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Some frequently asked questions

Hark Nijjar Photography Mini Session | Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering about what these mini sessions are all about, well wonder no more as I attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the mini sessions. However if you still have more questions, please fill out the contact form or call me directly 416-843-5408 and I will be very happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Well what is a “mini-session”?

A mini-session is just that, an abbreviated session designed around a theme to help as many families as possible within a limited time span to produce amazing pictures. The sessions are produced with one set, one shooting location and include a small variation in shooting angles and posing. It is ideal for families and couples wanting to create beautiful images without committing to a full customized session. These images can be used for greeting cards, Social Media and to share with family (Grandparents love seeing those cute grandkids kids....well thats really why they have kids right!! ;)

How is this different from a custom session?

Custom session are designed to produce one of a kind unique family portraits. These custom sessions are a collaboration between us and the families to produce art that will be passed on for generations to come. With mini sessions, we select a theme which usually depends on the season and the session is conducted in the studio.

How many people can be photographed in a mini-session?

Mini sessions can have up to 3 children (parents can get in on the fun for an additional fee)

Family Mini Sessions can include up to 5 family members - parents and immediate children.

How long is a mini-session?

A mini-session is scheduled for 30 minutes to accommodate as many clients as possible within a short amount of time.

How many outfits can I be photographed in for a mini-session?

Clients come prepared for the mini sessions as there is not enough time for changes. If you require a more custom shoot, please look into booking one of our custom family sessions.

Can I choose the date and location for the mini-session?

Depending on the season, some mini sessions will only be conducted on a specific date. However there are other times when mini session scan be booked within a certain time frame (usually a month) and you can book your session depending on availability

How can I book a mini-session?

Oh this is the easy part :) Just Select the Pricing and Booking tab from the menu and send me a message or you can call me directly at 416-854-5408 or email me. You can pay via Paypal or a cheque to book your spot.